Dalsouple®, from Saumur to Angers, more than seventy years of experience in beautifying your floors

Dalsouple® is a 100% French company. We are based near Angers, in the Loire Valley.
Dalsouple® floor covering is the result of extensive experience in rubber.

Founded in 1945, Dalsouple® was initially involved in re-treading tyres before specialising in the fabrication of shoe soles.

Dalsouple® developed its rubber floor covering in 1966. It's exceptional strength and resistance qualities makes it an ideal floor covering for high-traffic areas and public buildings.

In 2015, the company joined AB CAOUTCHOUC group - also involved in the rubber market for more than 20 years. The production site has been transferred to Bouchemaine, near Angers (France 49). The new company Dalsouple SN keeps offering floor covering available in an unlimited range of colors, designs and textures that make our customers happy (architects, designers, creators, manufacturers, individuals). Dalsouple® manufactures and exports hundreds of thousands of square metres of floor covering throughout the world. They comply with the most stringent standards in the profession.

Our commitments

We are committed to:

- manufacturing a floor covering in the colour you've been dreaming of, chosen from all possible and imaginable colours and with a minimum order quantity according to the chosen floor.

- providing you with all the advice you need, offering customer support for all technical questions, and visiting the installation if needed.

- producing floor covering free of toxic products, compliant with the new European REACH legislation, and excluding the handling of toxic products in the manufacturing process.

Dalsouple® at your service

An international sales team ensuring close contact with the customer.

The Dalsouple® sales team rapidly responds to all requests for information, samples and orders.
They assist the customer throughout the design and manufacture of the product and guarantee real-time follow-up in order to meet your expectations and provide assistance. For perfect achievements, please refer to our installation and maintenance guide.